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Training and Materials


We offer free training for Law Enforcement officers and Campus Safety personnel to be able to teach the seminar on campus. Our free training is completely online making it convenient to become a certified instructor. Online training is available at under “Refuse To Be A Victim”. You will become certified to teach the college version as well as the regular seminar. The online course takes approximately 12 hours to complete at your own pace. The course also includes RTBAV Instructor Materials, which consists of the Instructor Manual, CD, brochures, student handbook, firearm supplement, certificate, and lapel pin. If you are interested in taking the online course, please contact the RTBAV Coordinator at to enroll.

After completing the online course and have been certified, you will receive the Collegiate Edition Instructor Materials, which includes guidelines and a PowerPoint presentation.


All materials are provided free of cost once a seminar is scheduled. The student handouts include a bullet-point list of topics covered in the seminar that is easily folded for students to keep in their backpacks.

To request your free student handouts, you can call or email RTBAV staff two to three weeks prior to your seminar. When requesting materials, please include your school, address, date of event, and number of handouts needed.