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Seminar Topics

Young Girl Suspicious of a Faceless Stalker in a Black Hoodie

Mental Awareness and Preparedness

Be constantly aware of your surroundings and have a plan for certain emergencies

Zeckos Map of Human Mind

Psychology of Criminal Predators

Understand what makes a criminal a predator

Selfie of Friends

Personal Life

Prepare yourself for any situation that may arise

Sidewalk with People at a University Campus

On Campus

Become aware of potential threats while on campus

Door Knob with Two Keys


Learn how to keep your new home safe

Finger on a Laptop Computer's Track Pad

Technological Security

Technological advances have made individuals more vulnerable to being victimized

Mobile Phone Displaying a "Mobile Security" Login Screen

Phone Security

Be aware of potential scams and crime

Facebook's Like Icon

Social Media

Protect your personal information and your reputation

Faceless Cyber Stalker in a Black Hoodie

Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying

Learn how to protect yourself and others from being bullied or stalked

Young Girl Sitting In The Dark

Sexual Assault

According to a report by the National Institute of Justice, in 90% of reported cases, the victims knew their attacker – develop a safety strategy to lower your risk

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